CNN Pundits Spar After One Says ‘Reagan Would Not Be Very Happy’ With How We’re Handling Russia


Today on CNN, commentator Tara Setmayer, who leans right, went after Republicans for not taking Russia’s involvement in the election seriously.

She said, “As a Republican and as someone who worked for a member of Congress who sat on the Foreign Affairs committee, we’ve been watching what’s going on with Russia and it’s something that I think other fellow Republicans — including like we just said, saw on the report, especially in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — are well aware of and are not going to sit back and accept. I caution my other fellow Republicans who have been excusing this away — I don’t know, we’re supposed to be the party of Reagan and Ronald Reagan would not be very happy with what’s going on right now and the way we’re handling Russia.”

Long-time Donald Trump fan Betsy McCaughey countered Setmayer’s talk of foreign affairs committees by insisting that in spite of his tweets praising Vladimir Putin, Trump is merely operating on a “smarter strategy” with Russia.

When asked if Trump was making a convincing argument or she was making it for him, McCaughey got aggravated and asked if she could finish without being interrupted. She went on to say that we shouldn’t discourage leaders from mollifying egomaniacs with their fingers on the nuclear launch buttons, so when producers moved Setmayer and McCaughey into split-screen mode to face off, you already know what came next.

“Were you talking about Putin or were you talking about Trump?” Setmayer shot at her. “Donald Trump is an egomaniac who has an affinity for strongmen — ”

“That’s just a stupid insult that does not advance the interests of the United States!” McCaughey cut in.

Watch the whole thing above.

UPDATE — 1:26 p.m. EST:

Setmayer has clarified that she does not merely lean right, but is a conservative and still maintains the values of the pre-Trump party.

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