Cuomo Presses Trump Advisor on Emails v. Taxes: ‘You Love Transparency When It’s Not You Guys!’


Here on the final day of this campaign, Senior Communications Advisor for Donald Trump‘s campaign Jason Miller stopped by CNN’s New Day to make the case for American being great again… but got called out for a bit of hypocrisy in the process.

On the table was the announcement by FBI Director James Comey that he would not in fact be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton after all, despite a letter to lawmakers a week and a half ago that he was reopening that investigation. “[Donald Trump is] calling James Comey a liar!” said New Day‘s Chris Cuomo, pointing to the GOP candidate’s unwillingness to believe that the newly-discovered 650,000 emails have already been thoroughly investigated.

“It doesn’t pass the smell test,” replied Miller, falling short of saying that the FBI Director is lying, but settling instead with the conclusion that he “doesn’t accept [the outcome].”

“[Trump] says you can’t go through 650,000 emails in eight days,” Cuomo followed up. But when Miller pivoted the conversation onto a call for transparency, he got called out by the CNN host.

“[The FBI] should release all the emails, let us have a look before election day. We think that would be the smart thing to do,” Miller said before being interrupted.

“You love transparency when it’s not you guys!” slammed Cuomo, indicating that when it comes to Trump’s controversial (and very much hidden) tax returns, the campaign has repeatedly balked at recommendations that the information be released.

“Why don’t you release Trump’s taxes?” pressed Cuomo further. Predictably, Miller fell into the campaign’s long-running talking point: there’s a routine audit and the information will be released when the audit is complete.

“You have any proof of an audit?” asked Cuomo, clearly catching Miller off guard. Before the interview ended, Miller thanks Cuomo for being “a class act,” throughout the election process, urging people to get out and vote tomorrow.

Watch above via CNN.

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