Colbert Asks Earnest About Spicer’s Performance: ‘Did You Ever Feel the Way He Looks?’


On Tuesday night, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recorded a live episode of the late night laugher that featured former Obama press secretary Josh Earnest. In this climate — and with Earnest’s successor Sean Spicer earning increased attention and scrutiny for his own daily briefings — the former Obama administration official spoke about the rights of the press and the inherent strain that should exist with the president.

“There’s supposed to be friction and tension between the White House press corps and the White House,” Earnest told Stephen Colbert Tuesday. “The day that there is not friction and tension between the White House press corps and the White House is the day that the press corps has stopped doing its job,” he continued to applause from the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

The conversation circled around to Spicer himself and the job that the Trump press secretary has been doing in recent weeks. Colbert jokingly asked Earnest at one point, “Did you ever feel the way he looks?”

As for the much-maligned first press conference by Spicer, where he berated the media about falsely reporting on crowd sizes at the inauguration, Earnest admitted, “Well, it seemed like a strange way to start,” saying that perhaps Spicer’s first day remarks were not written by the press secretary himself. Expending all that energy so soon, said Earnest Tuesday, “was a little short-sided.”

As for the grueling work of being the press secretary, Earnest continued, “You have to go out there every single day and speak to the press corps,” saying that it’s not dissimilar to the work that Colbert himself does.

Watch above, via CBS.

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