Josh Earnest

Kellyanne Conway Confronts CNN Analyst For Saying People Don’t Like Her: ‘You Shouldn’t Lie On Twitter’

Josh Earnest Knocks Trump’s Remarks On Obama: ‘Doesn’t Seem to Understand’ Responsibility of the Office

Josh Earnest: Blame Donald Trump For Mixed Messaging, Not Sean Spicer

Josh Earnest Signs on With NBC News, MSNBC as a Political Analyst

Josh Earnest: ‘The Bigger the Scandal, The More Outrageous’ Trump Makes His Tweets

Colbert Asks Earnest About Spicer’s Performance: ‘Did You Ever Feel the Way He Looks?’

Your Inside Peek At CNN’s Documentary About Obama’s Final Days in Office, The End

Josh Earnest: Democrats Boycotting Inauguration Aren’t ‘Harming a Smooth Transition’

‘I’ve Watched Him Grow’: Obama Crashes Josh Earnest’s Final White House Press Briefing

Josh Earnest: It’s ‘Outrageous’ for Rep. Chaffetz to ‘Intimidate’ Government Ethics Chief

I Never Felt ‘Tempted to Throw Somebody Out of the Room’: Josh Earnest Throws Shade at Spicer

White House Defends Meryl Streep’s ‘Thoughtful, Carefully Considered’ Speech About Trump

Josh Earnest: Obama Hasn’t Gotten Enough Credit for Being ‘Most Transparent’ President

Josh Earnest: ‘Not Unusual’ For Me to Call on Breitbart’s ‘Respectful’ White House Reporter

Josh Earnest: It’s Important to Protect ‘Symbolic Accountability’ of WH Press Briefings

Conway: ‘Incredibly Irresponsible’ For WH to Suggest Trump Knew Russia Was Behind Hack

Josh Earnest: Media Became ‘Arms of Russian Intelligence’ By Reporting on Hacked DNC Emails

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Regrets Joking About Trump’s ‘Fake Hair’

Earnest: You Don’t Need Security Clearance to See Who Benefitted from Russian Hacking

Earnest: We’re Not Going to Comment on Every Single Trump Tweet

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