Colbert Uses ‘Jill Newslady’ and ‘Jim Anchorton’ To Skewer Trump For His Obsession With Coverage of Himself

Yesterday, reports indicated that Donald Trump was so delighted that news commentators were observing that he read the previous night’s speech from his TelePrompTer without getting off-track that he chose to delay the announcement of his new and improved travel ban.

On CBS’s Late ShowStephen Colbert expressed more than a little shock and concern that the President is so obsessed with news coverage of himself that it affects policy, but as someone who — like many — hated the original travel ban, which barred entry to America by anyone coming from seven different Muslim-majority countries, he saw the benefit of placating Trump immediately.

Watch above to see a sketch featuring “Jill Newslady” and “Jim Anchorton” of “Real News Tonight,” who praise the reality television star for “[talking] the good words from his man mouth” and “[doing] all of his speeching perfectly, making all legal citizens smile bigly.”

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