Colbert Welcomes ‘Hillary Clinton’ to Perfectly Pander to Whatever You Think Is Best


It’s always a big deal when a late night show can nail down a presidential candidate as a high-profile guest. Luckily for Stephen Colbert, former Secretary of State “Hillary Clinton” had nothing better going on this week, so “she” made an appearance on the Late Show to talk about the things the American people want to hear.

Well, maybe it wasn’t quite the real thing (although the actual candidate herself did appear alongside Colbert once already), but cartoon Hillary Clinton was in full force at the Ed Sullivan Theater, appreciatively noting “[America] is the only place where a Secretary of State, Senator, and lifelong public servant can be put on equal footing with a screaming cantaloupe.”

The comedic conceit to the bit plays out with Clinton essentially speaking just vaguely enough to avoid any real commitment, while carefully buoying her responses based on what is most popular. “It’s true that this week didn’t start exactly as we planned it since 1998,” the animated Clinton said about the DNC email flap. “But I think everyone agrees now is the time for us all to come together in unity, harmony, or solidarity, or whatever synonym resonates more strongly with you.”

While the Late Show was in Cleveland last week, show staffers had actual GOP voters ask Clinton tough questions to camera, which Colbert surprised his animated guest with last night. “A surprise! Hooray! I love fitting those into my schedule,” remarked the overly-robotic Clinton. Topics include: incriminating emails, bad puns, and the economy. “Tilt head 15 — no, 20 — degrees,” Clinton said to coach herself through the responses.

Watch the above clip from The Late Show.

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