Comey Fires Back at Trump Tweets Suggesting He Should Be Jailed: ‘That’s Dangerous’


James Comey’s media blitz continued with a sweeping interview with NPR, — and then an appearance on Good Morning America — in which he addressed President Donald Trump’s latest derisive tweets lobbed at him.

Trump tweeted in response to Comey’s first interview on ABC News on Monday, suggesting that Comey should be jailed for his supposed crimes.

“That is not normal, that is not okay,” Comey told George Stephanopoulos on GMA. “”The president of the United States is calling for the imprisonment of a private citizen…that is not acceptable in this country.”

Comey added that “we’re numb” to Trump’s Twitter threats. “That’s dangerous.”

“One of the things I hope to do is encourage people to think about that and focus on that, rather than becoming numb to it.”

Comey said in his NPR interview that while he doesn’t follow Trump on Twitter, he has seen “some tweets this past couple of days that I should be in jail.”

“The president of the United States just said that a private citizen should be jailed,” Comey said. “And I think the reaction of most of us was, ‘meh, that’s another one of those things.'”

“This is not normal,” he continued. “This is not OK. There’s a danger that we will become numb to it, and we will stop noticing the threats to our norms. The threats to the rule of law and the threats most of all to the truth. And so the reason I’m talking in terms of morality is, those are the things that matter most to this country. And there’s a great danger we’ll be numbed into forgetting that, and then only a fool would be consoled by some policy victory.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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