‘Coming to a Gay Bar Near You’: Marines Investigated For Threatening Rifle Photo

Two marines are learning that it’s not a good idea to imply threats towards gay bars after one was the setting for America’s worst ever mass shooting only a few days ago.

The 1st Marine Expeditionary Force is investigating the two Camp Pendleton operatives over a photo they posted to Camp MENdleton resale, a Facebook group for male troops and veterans. While the original photo has been taken down, Marine Corps Times reported that the image first appeared on Snapchat, and it showed a corporal in uniform holding a rifle with a very ominous message down below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.43.51 AM

This photo was posted only days after Orlando’s Pulse nightclub became the place where 49 lives were lost and more than 50 victims were wounded at the hands of a homophobic terrorist. The image was accompanied by a comment of “too soon,” and officials decided yes, it was too soon.

“We are currently investigating a threatening social media post and will take appropriate action,” the MEF said in a statement. “This type of behavior and mindset will not be allowed, and it is not consistent with the core values of honor, courage and commitment that are demonstrated by the vast majority of Marines on a daily basis.”

Officials said that they would work to decide if the marines behind the image were making a credible threat or a poorly-timed joke.

[Image via Facebook]

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