Yelp Users Bash Auto Shop Owner Who Refuses Service to Gay Customers, Makes Page Super Gay

The moment that a Michigan mechanic announced that he will refuse to serve LGBT customers — and threatened to mess up the cars of anyone who disagreed with him — it was inevitable that certain things would happen. Right now, we’re in Phase One, where people leave unflattering comments about Brian Klawiter‘s business on Yelp.

Klawiter’s Facebook comment got national attention for its bluntness (“I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period”) and its additional offer for a gun owners’ discount (except for cops with guns purchased with taxpayer dollars). And with that, people flocked to the Yelp page of his auto shop, Dieseltec, to complain (and make gay puns):

Gay flags everywhere in this place. It’s the mecca of gay diesel owners. But seriously stay away from here. The owner has stated if you are against his views he will purposefully make your car unsafe. The owner is also a violent criminal (

Dieseltec worked on my Ford PowerStroke. It was getting way too hot and spraying white fluids everywhere. They showed me how to apply a C0K ring to the rod & 2 bearings to prolong the length and intensity I could run my PowerStroke. Also, they applied liberal amounts of lube to my shaft, which again helped it run long & strong.

They get a 1 star rating for being distracting, they kept yelling “OH GOD” with their Cummings. I was highly offended that they’d take the Lord’s name in vain during such delicate engine work. Also, a reach around would have been nice, a little extra pump to brighten my day. Avoid at all costs.

And a sampling of some of the pictures posted on their page:


Most of the other commenters called out Klawiter for attempting to raise sweet, sweet crowdfunding money off his political views (which is Phase Two):

Big ol’ homophobe with repressed homosexual tendencies decides he wants some attention by saying he will refuse customers based on their orientation, just so he can make some extra cash like that weird little pizza shop that was on the news. Anyone who sets up a GoFundMe account asking for donations because they made a “controversial” statement, is a complete nut job.

If you want to earn some extra money…

1)Make inflammatory and homophobic remarks on your Facebook
2)Ban the LGBT community from your business
3)Call the local news so you can tell everyone how Christ like you are
4)Set up a fundraising account so that you can get money from all of the other trash who support you.

I swear you’ll make like 500k in three days.

This place is run by a homophobic, d!ckless lunatic.

But hey, now that he’s outspoken about his 19th century religious principles (Jesus said to love everyone by the way), I’m sure he’ll end up making $500k from donations. The same type of people who donate money to the church filled with little boy touchers.

I know this will get deleted by Yelp eventually. Because defending the rights of everyone to be happy should be suppressed, I guess. Whatever. Be happy with who you are, everyone.

Klawiter refused to take donations to his business: “We are a successful business and are blessed to be able to feed our families. If there is any money raised it will be redistributed to people with greater needs than ours.”

[Image via screenshot/Yelp]

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