Connecting The Dots Between New ABC Newser Abbie Boudreau… And Andrew Breitbart

CNN’s Abbie Boudreau has left the network and is joining ABC News as an LA based correspondent. The news was first reported by Enterprise Report.

Boudreau was in the media news recently on CNN. Let’s connect the dots between her and Big sites founder Andrew Breitbart.

• Political filmmaker James O’Keefe published articles on Breitbart-owned sites as he released ACORN tapes and more.

• Boudreau reported for CNN on young conservatives for a special, but when she tried to interview O’Keefe things got real weird.

• After the CNN caper went public, Breitbart issued a statement siding with Boudreau.

• Fast-forward to the week before the election: Breitbart was set to contribute to ABC News’ election coverage on the web. Then there was a big pushback by the left. Breitbart ultimately was removed by ABC after a lot of back-and-forth. He wasn’t happy.

• And now, in comes Boudreau, as an ABC News correspondent! The press release highlights her work as an investigative correspondent with CNN and before. In an internal memo to staff today, ABC News President David Westin said, “Abbie’s investigative experience and record of strong reporting will be an important addition to our distinguished ABC News team in Los Angeles.” Boudreau has previously worked for an ABC affiliate news network.

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