Coulter Says She Always Doubted Allegations of Ailes’ Harassment Because No One Ever Sued…

ann coulterAnn Coulter knows a thing or two about the conservative media and she knows a thing or two about being a woman within it. Usually, when the topic of sexism arises, she throws out some biting remarks about Bill Clinton or something, but in the wake of Gretchen Carlson filing a suit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, she was a bit more measured in her response.

Ailes never hired her and Coulter revealed to Business Insider that she only knew him socially. Still, she said, “I have heard the allegations before.” Then, she mused about a “funny little footnote” to what she had heard and believed:

I have always said, “Oh, come on! I don’t believe this. If any of this were true, someone would bring a lawsuit!” I am being reminded of that this week.

Well, now that Carlson has filed a suit, does this mean Coulter is inclined to believe the allegations?

Whether she does or not, Ailes has certainly rolled out his strongest defenders. In interviews with Mediaite and other outlets, the women of Fox News have repeatedly called their boss a father figure who has never harassed them.

She’s not the last person we’ll hear from in this case, that’s for sure.

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