Coulter: ‘Sounds Like the Big Sell-Out Is Coming’ With Trump on Immigration


coulterAnn Coulter was one of Donald Trump‘s biggest supporters during the campaign, especially on the issue of immigration. But she tweeted yesterday that she’s worried about a “big sell-out” coming.

VP-elect Mike Pence talked about what the Trump administration’s plans for immigration are. Here’s one exchange he had with Scott Pelley:

PELLEY: Just since the election, President-elect Trump has reversed himself on prosecuting Hillary Clinton and on deporting 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Did he just say those things to get elected? Did he never intend to do them?

PENCE: I think what the American people know they have in President-elect Donald Trump is someone who speaks straight from his mind and straight from his heart. And on the issue of illegal immigration, I promise you, as we were meeting yesterday on Capitol Hill with leaders of the House and Senate, we’re going to go straight to work after this Congress convenes and this administration takes office. And we’re going to pass policies that will end illegal immigration in this country.

Well, after Mickey Kaus tweeted about it, Coulter tweeted about the “sell-out” she thinks is coming:

But Coulter ended up setting off Bill Mitchell, another one of Trump’s most vocal supporters on Twitter. Mitchell went on a tear against Coulter yesterday after her tweet:

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