Dallas Killer’s Parents Describe Son’s ‘Disappointment’ in America After Leaving the Military


The parents of the gunman who attacked Dallas police officers last week is finally speaking out as they try to come to grips with their son’s actions and his apparent links to racial extremism.

The Blaze’s Lawrence Jones sat down with James and Delphine Johnson at their home in Mesquite this weekend, where they discussed Micah Xavier Johnson‘s life up until the night he died after killing five people. Both parents held back tears as they said that they loved their son, and they “didn’t see [the attack] coming.”

“I don’t know what to say to anybody…to make anything better,” Mr. Johnson said. “I hate what he did.”

Profiles on Micah Johnson have established that he was a reclusive man who lived with his parents, and that he held a definite interest in black power movements and groups like the New Black Panthers. The Daily Beast and iHeart Radio spoke with senior members of several of these groups, who said that Johnson was “blacklisted” from joining them when they took note of certain psychological aspects of his.

Johnson was also a former US Army reservist, and indications suggest that he planned to use his combat training to launch more attacks beyond Dallas. While they couldn’t point to any particular warning sign, Johnson’s parents said that his behavior changed and he became disenchanted with America after leaving the army.

“The military was not what Micah thought it would be,” Mrs. Johnson said. “He was very disappointed…it may be that the ideal that he thought of our government, what he thought the military represented, it just didn’t live up to his expectations.”

Watch a preview of the full interview in the video above, via The Blaze.

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