Jake Tapper Congratulates and Thanks John McCain ‘Since President Trump Would Not Do It’

President Trump Signs ‘John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act,’ Doesn’t Mention John McCain

Howard Kurtz Scolds MSNBC, CNN For Not Covering Return of US Remains From North Korea: ‘The Wrong Call’

DC Military Facilities Received Suspicious Packages; At Least One Reportedly Contained Explosive Material

Fox & Friends Uses Random Tweets to Slam Oscars For Not Standing Up For Montage of Military Films

WH Military Personnel Under Scrutiny for ‘Improper Contact’ With Women During Trump Asia Trip

Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump For Treatment of Fallen Soldiers’ Families: ‘Moral Disgrace’

Trump Falsely Claims Obama ‘Didn’t Make Calls’ to Parents of Fallen Soldiers

Trump Wants a July 4th Parade in Front of the White House Showcasing ‘Military Strength’

Reporters Grill Huckabee Sanders Over Transgender Military Ban: Betrayal of LGBT Community?

During the Election, Trump Tweeted to LGBT Community ‘I Will Fight for You’

New Outrage: United Airlines Charged Serviceman For Overweight Luggage Containing His Kevlar

Jim Webb Declines Naval Academy Honor After Protests From a ‘Small But Vociferous Group of Women’

Tillerson in Asia Issues Warning to North Korea: Military Action ‘An Option’

‘We Never Win and We Don’t Fight to Win’: Trump Attacks Military During Speech

It Was an ‘Adjective’: Spicer on Trump Calling Deportation Push a ‘Military Operation’

REPORT: Trump’s Transition Team Considered Having Tanks, Missile Launchers at Inauguration

U.S. Service Members Around the World Sing ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

Trump Bashes Military For Botched Syria Bombing, Frets That Russia Is ‘Absolutely Furious At Us’

Trump Calls Old Tweet About Inevitable Sexual Assault in the Military ‘a Correct Tweet’

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