Dana Rohrabacher’s Potential Loss Briefly Brings the World Together as Londoners Celebrate


Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and unabashedly pro-Russia Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has been projected to lose in California’s 48th congressional district race against Democrat Harley Rouda, and it’s not just Democrats celebrating that seeming gain. Rohrbacher-exit fever broke out across the pond, too.

William Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital, outspoken Putin critic, and the driving force behind the Magnitsky Act, tweeted this morning on the topic, with an image from a trends-tracking site showing the Rohrbacher loss a number two topic in London.

It’s not yet over, but Browder had a big investment in the race and is ready to call it.

Interestingly, two days ago Rohrabacher appeared on The Hill Rising that he believed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation was helping him in his reelection bid, and that charges that he’s “pro-Russia” or “pro-Putin” are “baloney.

“Them using the issue on me is actually helping my campaign because people know it’s a bogus charge,” he said the day before his loss. “Where it is mutually beneficial for us to work with Russia, we should be working with Russia in those cases and that’s been translated to all these people as if I’m pro-Putin and pro-Russia … which is baloney.” You can watch the rest here.

At the time of this posting, not all outlets are calling the race. The Wall Street Journal notes that many provisional and mail-in ballots have not yet been fully tallied, though a number of outlets are projecting a loss.

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