Fox & Friends Diner Patron Mocks Steve Doocy’s Question on Political Unity: ‘Is this Fox News? Are You New Here?’

“It’s a rough town.”

That was the diagnosis of Steve Doocy — who spent his post-election Wednesday morning in a Branson, MO diner. Indeed, the home of Tony and Dawn was not terribly kind to the Fox & Friends anchor. He got roasted as he made his way through the breakfast nook, speaking with patrons.

“I came here early because I thought Peter Doocy was coming,” said one man — referencing the host’s son and Fox News colleague. The diner crowd laughed.

Having absorbed that zinger, Steve Doocy thought he would try his luck at the counter — where he met a woman named Cheryl.

“What do you think of [Rep.] Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as, perhaps, the next Speaker of the House?” Doocy asked.

“Not happy about that,” Cheryl said.

“Why?” Doocy asked.

“Not a Pelosi fan.” Cheryl replied.

Doocy, then, mused about the prospect of Democrats and Republicans achieving harmony with Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair.

“But maybe this is a chance for Democrats and Republicans to work together,” he said.

Cheryl looked positively flummoxed.

“Really?” She said, incredulously. “Is this Fox News? Are you new here?”

Yep…tough morning for Steve Doocy — who, in fact, has been with Fox News since 1996.

Maybe Peter would’ve had better luck.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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