Darren Wilson Allegedly Sends Texts to Friend: ‘I Can’t Go Out’

According to text messages shared by his friend and published by the Daily Mail, Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, who has been in hiding since he shot and killed Michael Brown last week, said he “can’t go out,” presumably due to his new-found notoriety since the shooting.

In a series of texts to longtime friend Jake Shepard starting after Shepard appeared on television and defended his friend last Friday, Wilson said, “The support is really keeping me going during this stressful time. Just stay safe. I appreciate all you have done.”

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“It’s sad for Mike Brown and his family; Darren could have just Tasered him and Mike would have spent six months in jail or something and maybe got his act together after that,” Shepard told the Daily Mail. “Darren could have gone on with his life too but now both of their lives are over. It sucks. I’m sure Mike’s family is having a hard time but at least they have the support of the whole nation behind them, openly. Darren doesn’t get that.”

Shepard said that Wilson had round-the-clock law enforcement protection, and was still in the greater St. Louis area.

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