Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Former IT Staffer Indicted On Four Felony Counts

Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s former IT staffer who was arrested in late July has been indicted on four felony counts including bank fraud and making false statements.

Imran Awan tried fleeing the country to his native country Pakistan but was captured at Dulles International Airport by the authorities and was arrested for bank fraud. His wife, Hina Alvi, has also been indicted but has already fled the country with their children earlier this year when the investigations were in their infancy.

Awan served as the IT specialist for Wasserman Schultz up until his arrest, when her office officially let him go.

Awan, along with his wife, his two brothers and their wives, all worked for House Democrats over the years, making hundreds of thousands of dollars combined.

The probe into Awan and his family began when they were being suspected of double-billing the House for equipment like computers, iPads, and routers as well as storing data belonging to House Democrats outside of their servers. As the investigation expanded, Awan’s finances were being scrutinized. And even on the day of his arrest, he was liquidating numerous properties he had in the D.C. area.

While the rest of their families were let go months ago, the Florida congresswoman kept Awan on her payroll until last month.

Earlier this month, the former DNC chairwoman defended her ex-IT staffer, implying that the investigations were racially motivated (he’s a Pakistani-born Muslim) and accused the conservative media coverage of Awan of being “completely untrue.”


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