Dem Sen. Cites Success of Gun Laws in California a Day After San Bernardino

boxerIn the wake of yesterday’s horrific shooting in San Bernardino, California, Senate Democrats are attempting another strong gun control push. They are pushing for universal background checks and banning individuals from buying guns if they are on the terror watch list.

At their press conference earlier today, Senator Barbara Boxer told a reporter that leaders “don’t just hide” because they might not win the vote, and assured they’re going to keep pushing for gun laws.

“In California, since the 90s,” she said, “we have passed a number of important gun safety laws. And over that period of time, we’ve had a reduction in gun violence of 56 percent.”

Boxer then said that’s not enough and national laws are needed, concluding, “Sensible gun laws work, we’ve proven it in California, and we’re not gonna give up.”

What she did not note is that the shooting yesterday––the one that they reacted with such emotion and passion to––happened in California.

It is worth noting that California’s gun death stats, given its gun laws, have been lower than a lot of other states’. And the study she cited above, conducted in 2013, did conclude that from 1993 to 2010, gun deaths in California dropped over 50 percent.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

[h/t Washington Free Beacon]
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