Dem Senator: Trump Indictment ‘Certainly a Possibility’


On Thursday evening’s All In With Chris Hayes, the MSNBC host had on his show Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal.

The Connecticut liberal — who it seems enjoys MSNBC prime time as much as he does the morning shows — was on hand to talk about the bombshell news that special prosecutor Robert Mueller had impaneled a Grand Jury in his ever widening Russia probe and said it was “certainly a possibility” that Trump could face indictment.

Obviously catnip for MSNBC — and Blumenthal was happy to join in on the fun.

“I’ve seen Grand Juries often develop their own questions and want to know about financial transactions. They are composed of ordinary citizens who often have very good questions,” said Blumenthal.

Chris Hayes looked on solemnly as Blumenthal continued speculating.

“We are dealing here with a potential indictment of the highest ranking official in the United States of America so Bob Mueller is going to want to know how the average citizen reacts to this evidence.”

At this, Hayes perked up, with his instincts correctly teasing out the nut.

“You believe it is a possibility for an indictment of the President of the United States?” he asked.

Blumenthal hedged about indicting Trump while sitting in the White House, saying that it might not be possible, but everything short of that would be fair game.

“It is certainly a possibility … If he is out of office, there could be indictment and their could be indictments of lower level officials and members of his family.”

Family members? — Don Jr? Javanka? Barron!? — Time will tell.

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