Australian Leader Responds After Trump Call Leaks: ‘I Stand Up For Australia’s Interests’


Yesterday a lot of digital ink was spilled amid breathless parsing of leaked transcripts of President Trump’s conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

Today we got a response from one of those leaders.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who had a ferocious conversation with Trump back in January over a 2015 refugee deal, delivered comments attempting to tamp down the significance of the phone call.

“It’s always better when these conversations remain confidential,” he said at the outset. “As I said, it was a courteous, frank conversations, as President Trump said, we’re both adults. I stand up for Australia’s interests, he stands up for America’s interests.”

The two men did seem to have better rapport during Turnbull’s visit to the U.S. in May, when Trump told the Prime Minister that Australia’s national health care system was better than the Unites States’.

While it is impossible to say for sure how the conversation went even with the transcripts, since they give no indication of tone, the leaks by the Washington Post seemed pretty nuts.

The call with Turnbull seemed so tense, we here at Mediaite catalogued some of it’s best moments. At one point, Trump said the refugee deal — to accept 1,250 individuals currently marooned in Nauru and Papua New Guinea — would “kill him” and that he seemed certain they would be degenerates in U.S. society on the road to becoming the next Boston Bomber. At one point Trump told Turnbull, it was his “most unpleasant call all day” and that he far preferred his conversation with Vladimir Putin.

Watch above (courtesy of ABC News)

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