Dershowitz Calls on Trump to Withdraw Request For Clinton Special Counsel

Donald Trump quoted Alan Dershowitz during his morning tweets against his political enemies today. But the Harvard Law Professor Emeritus says that if the president really respects his legal opinion, there’s a few other things he should keep in mind.

Dershowitz was on Fox & Friends today, where he criticized Robert Mueller‘s special counsel again and defended Trump from media criticisms of his statement about having the “absolute right” to pardon himself. Dershowitz is one of the most beloved recurring characters on Trump’s favorite show, so the president quoted him today as he blasted the Russia investigation for the zillionth time:

Dershowitz noticed Trump’s tweet, and he’s now saying that if the president were to have legal consistency, he should come out and say that a special counsel investigation into Hillary Clinton is just as unconstitutional as an investigation into himself.

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