Coincidence? Most Of Business Insider Silicon Alley 100 List Ranked Alphabetically


Today, Business Insider released it’s Silicon Alley Insider 100, which lists “the people that did the coolest stuff In New York tech this year.” The “SAI 100” — as the kids call it — has become an annual rite of Fall for the dozens of Internet users who pay attention to the New York tech scene, and is being fêted with a party this evening on the floor of the New York stock exchange. One particularly astute observer of the list, though, pointed out that ordinal ranking of NY tech people seems to line up very similar to their alphabetic listings as well.

Update: The introduction of the BI post states that the slides are listed at random, and not ranked in order of power and influence. But it seems odd that numbers nearly the entire list is listed alphabetical save numbers 1 through 14…and Arianna Huffington just randomly was listed at #1, followed by the heaviest hitters of the NY Tech scene. Until you get to number 15.

Don’t get us wrong, Business Insider is enjoying a lovely moment in their four-year existence, and they should receive some well deserved accolades for growing their business (and traffic) in a remarkably volatile time. Having reportedly just raised $7 Million in a recent round of financing, founder Henry Blodget made his triumphant return to Wall St. this morning.

Make no mistake, we are big fans of the Internet™ here at Mediaite, and have been since it was invented in March of 2007 (or so). As such, we are prime targets for these sorts of link-friendly slide shows. A wise man once wrote: The “presentation” format is an extremely effective and efficient way to convey information. Mediaite has, on occasion, used the same format ourselves.

But when listing, by influence and power, the most important people in a certain industry, it seems a little odd when the vast majority just so happens to be listed alphabetically. Numbers 15 through 93, specifically, seem to have been data sorted on a spread sheet, in alphabetical order. Yes, there are some outliers, but we choose to see them as exceptions that prove the rule. We are also big fans of Business Insider, who had the great judgment to hire one of Mediate’s first editors, Glynnis MacNicol, but if Mediaite had published a ranking that seemed to be so…well, alphabetical, we’d expect to be called out (with love) by Business Insider.

We have published a big chunk of the list here, if only to explain why our eyebrows are raised. Less we get criticized for irresponsibly over-aggregating from Business Insider, we’ve left out numbers 1 through 14, which you can go see for yourself!

1 – 14

15. Alexis Tryon and Scott Carleton

16. Andrew Ferenchi

17. Andrew Siegel

18. Dan Shanoff

19. Ari Jacoby

20. Arshad Chowdhury

21. Austin Chang and Alex Chung

22. Arthur Sulzberger and David Perpich

23. Greg Blatt and Barry Diller

24. Barry Silbert

25. Ben McKean and Dan Leahy

26. Bill Wise and JT Batson

27. Bob Pittman

28. Brad Hargreaves and Matt Brimer

29. Bre Pettis

30. Brian O’Kelley and Michael Rubenstein

31. Brooke Hammerling

32. Carter Cleveland

33. Chad Dickerson

34. Chris Coyne , Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn

35. Cyrus Massoumi

36. Darren Herman

37. Dave Hendricks

38. David Bloom and Felix Sheng

39. David Cohen and David Tisch

40. David Karp and John Maloney

41. Marissa Campise and David Pakman

42. David Rosenblatt

43. David Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt and Jeffrey Raider

44. Derek Handley

45. Eli Portnoy

46. Eric Alterman

47. Eric Hippeau

48. Fred Seibert, Jed Simmons, Timothy Shey

49. Fred Wilson, Albert Wenger, and Brad Burnha

50. Gal Trifon

51. George Kliavkoff

52. Glenn Beck, Christopher Balfe, Betsy Morgan, Joel Cheatwood

53. Greg Clayman and Jesse Angelo

54. Greg Coleman

55. Jason Baptiste

56. Jason Glickman

57. Jayant Kulkarni and Adam Regelmann

58. Joel Spolsky

59. Joe Apprendi

60. Joe Essenfeld

61. Joe Zawadzki

62. John Borthwick

63. John Laramie and John Warrum

64. Jonathan Hefter

65. Jonathan Zabusky

66. Josh Kushner

67. Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna

68. Ken and Ben Lerer

69. George Lee

70. Marty Moe and Josh Topolsky

71. Matt Meeker

72. Matthew Shampine, Jesse Middleton, and Adam Neumann

73. Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong

74. Irving Fain, Michael Montero,and Josh Bowen

75. Mike Duda

76. Mike Lazerow

77. Neil Capel and Ian White

78. Nikhil Seth

79. Oren Netzer

80. Ori Allon

81. Perry Chen

82. Philip James and Kevin Fortuna

83. Reece Pacheco

84. Richard Fernandes

85. Roger Ehrenberg

86. Sam Lessin

87. Scott Kurnit

88. Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen

89. Seth Pinsky

90. Stuart Ellman and Jim Robinson IV

91. Kevin Ryan, Susan Lyne, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Alexis Maybank

92. Tim and Nina Zagat

93. Vinicius Vacanti and Jim Moran

94. Vivek Sharma and Michael Nutt

95. Wiley Cerilli and Kenny Herman

96. Zephrin Lasker

97. Warren Webster and Brian Farnham

98. Erick Schonfeld

99. Tina Brown and Stephen Colvin

100. Choire Sicha, Alex Balk, and David Cho (now departed)

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