Did This Man Kill His Son Because He Was Gay? These Prosecutors Think So

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.31.05 PMA man named Shehadeh Khalil Issa is at the center of a dramatic family tragedy that involves his wife being stabbed to death and his son being shot. Based on incriminating statements he gave to the police, Issa has been arrested on murder charges that come with an allegation of a hate crime, according to Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office via LA’s Daily News. Issa’s son, Amir Issa, was gay.

According to Operations Valley Bureau homicide Detective John Doerbecker, Issa had claimed his son was brandishing a knife when they encountered one another outside the house. Detectives found no knife at the scene but are aware of disputes at the home before. They say Issa had threatened to kill his son due to his sexuality.

If convicted on the count of premeditated murder, Issa may face life in prison with no possibility of parole.

The cause of death for Issa’s wife is still under investigation.

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