This Mugshot Being Shared is NOT of the Chicago Torture Video Suspect


Last night, shortly after news broke about the horrific and highly disturbing case of four young black people torturing a young mentally disabled white man while shouting “f*ck white people,” a mugshot purportedly of one of the assailants began making the rounds on social media.


While the hashtag #BLMkidnapping trended on Twitter — despite no evidence Black Lives Matter had anything to do with this heinous crime — this photo was tossed around quite a bit in that timeline. It was claimed to be of Brittany Covington, one of the four people involved who was today charged with multiple felonies, including a hate crime.

Only one problem — this isn’t her. The photo is of a Texas woman named Brittany Davis, who was arrested in Texas in 2015 for allegedly robbing and shooting a man she lured through a dating website. Those charges were dropped days later.

So, yeah, please stop sharing this photo and claiming it is of Brittany Covington.

Here are pictures of all four charged today.


[image via Twitter]

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