Dirty Tricks: Tennessee State House Rep Compares His Opponent to Failed Football Coach in Mailers

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-19-06-am-1Policial candidates, campaign managers, and consultants devote a ton of time and energy trying to define their opponent for the electorate. They will often compare the person they’re running against to an unpopular predecessor, or perhaps someone else on the ticket. But one state House representative in Tennessee is hoping to define his opponent by comparing her not to a politician, but to a fired football coach.

Eddie Smith, a republican state Representative in Tennessee, has sent out mailers to his constituents comparing his democratic opponent, Gloria Johnson, to dismissed University of Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley.

It’s a strategy that has worked previously for Smith. He defeated Johnson for the seat in 2014, and in that campaign, he tied her to another deposed Tennessee coach, Lane Kiffin — according to a tweet unearthed by SB Nation.

If current Volunteers coach Butch Davis is unable to right the ship quickly in Knoxville, Smith can get to printing his 2018 campaign literature.

[image via screengrab]

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