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If The Left Finds US Government Evil And Racist, Then Why Let It Control Our Guns?

Politicizing Hurricane Relief: Stevie Wonder Thinks I’m Dumb So I’m Giving To JJ Watt’s Effort

Don Lemon Praises ‘Chunky’ CNN Reporter Facing Irma Wrath: ‘Nothing Wrong With a Little Curve’

Jennifer Lawrence Roasted on Twitter for Saying Deadly Hurricanes Are Nature’s ‘Wrath’ For Trump Election

Airlines Accused of Jacking Up Flight Costs as Hurricane Irma Approaches

Trump-Supporting Twitter Users Claim Obama Golfed During Katrina (Except He Wasn’t President)

WATCH: Flood Victims and Volunteers Enter Joel Osteen’s Megachurch

University Professor Fired for Suggesting Hurricane Destruction is ‘Instant Karma’ for Trump Winning Texas

Watch Live Coverage of Hurricane Matthew Hitting Florida

Clinton Cancels Plan to Takes Advantage of Hurricane Matthew With Weather Channel Ads (UPDATED)

Watch Live Coverage of Hurricane Matthew Hitting Florida

Botched FEMA Alert Incorrectly Ordered New Yorkers to Flee Hurricane Hermine

WATCH LIVE: Coverage of Hurricane Hermine

Florida Republican Tired of Fellow GOPers Debating Whether Climate Change Is Real

Video Shows Hurricane Clobbering Its Way Through Cabo Hotel Lobby

Maddow: Boehner’s Speakership Has Devolved Into ‘Chaos’ And ‘Outright Defiance Of His Leadership’

Stewart And Chris Christie Clash: GOP Only Wants Government Assistance When It Benefits Them

Bill Maher Blasts GOP On Handling Natural Disasters, Says Dems Have Been Better

Michael Moore Trashes CNN’s Hurricane Sandy Coverage On Piers Morgan Tonight

Mitt Romney Tells Louisiana Flood Victim To ‘Go Home And Call 211’

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