Donald Trump Slams His Own Justice Department Over Travel Ban ‘Political Correctness’



In a furious early morning tweet storm, President Donald Trump took on his own justice department, suggesting that it should have defended his original travel ban to the Supreme Court rather than offer what he called the watered down “politically correct” version.

He also offered some pointed advice to the department, headed by his close ally, former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

There’s a lot of other stuff to unpack here as well. As both CNN and MSNBC immediately began crowing, the tweets also put to rest any terminological confusion over whether or not it was a “travel ban.” During a January press briefing, Sean Spicer pointedly said it was not and that the president had only been parroting the media.

It’s not the first time Trump has gone after his own allies either. The president even slammed his own Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch (someone who he’s going to need soon) after the Justice suggested he shouldn’t personally attack the federal judiciary.

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