Donald Trump Thinks Cheney’s Book is “Very, Very Angry and Nasty,” Won’t Be Reading It


In today’s episode of “From The Desk Of Donald Trump,” Donald Trump reviews the book that’s got everyone talking — without having even read it! He knows how he feels, though, and he thinks that Dick Cheney‘s memoir, In My Time, is “very, very angry and nasty” and he doesn’t plan on reading it. It’s hard to say if this is Trump’s attempt at literary criticism, media criticism, or if it’s just an ad hominem attack against Cheney.

Noting the way Cheney frames the sticky parts of his book — like the time they decided to go into Iraq — with “As I remember it”‘s, Trump suggests that maybe the whole thing is just a lie because, “when someone says that to me, they are lying.” Which is actually an interesting close reading of the book! Truth is often murky in memoir, and as outlets scramble for new and newsworthy revelations in the 576 pages of this book, it seems that that’s often been forgotten. To call the whole book a lie might be harsh, but Trump’s skepticism seems healthy — for those of us who have read the book and those of us who have just followed coverage of it alike.

Mostly, though, Trump’s problems with the book seem to stem from pre-existing issues he has with the former vice president. “I didn’t like Cheney when he was a vice president and I don’t like him now,” Trump says, making clear that most of the problems he has with the book are really problems he has with the man who wrote it.

He gets down to it in the end, saying, “Here’s a guy who did a rotten job as a vice president, nobody liked him, tremendous divisiveness, and he’s gonna to make a lot of money on the book.” Which, well, actually: maybe Trump’s just jealous.

Watch the for yourself below:

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