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Donald Trump To Laura Ingraham: I’m ‘Proud To Be’ Labeled A Birther

If there is a show where Donald Trump has yet to explore his questions about President Obama’s birth certificate then let him know and maybe he’ll appear there before the end of the week. Today, Trump called in to Laura Ingraham‘s radio show and declared Obama to be a “disaster,” while also admitting he is “proud to be” labeled a birther.

Trump bluntly tells Ingraham that Obama cannot produce a birth certificate, saying, “you can, I can – I got one yesterday, it took me a day – 24 hours – I got one.” And Trump dismissed the idea that he is feeling the heat for being so vocal with his criticism. Instead Trump wondered why Obama was like Teflon, claiming “you know what I don’t understand is these reporters that try and find everybody doing something wrong, [yet] they’re giving this guy a free pass.” Trump concludes “there’s something fishy” going on with the birth certificate and the more he looks into the issue the more confident he gets that there is something suspicious with the story.

Yet Trump’s criticism of Obama is not just limited to his place of origin. It was music to Ingraham’s ears when Trump declared “the man should not be President – I am not talking because of the fact he has no birth certificate, maybe for that too, but this is not a man that’s equipped to be President.” Finally, to prove nobody is safe from Trump’s verbal smackdown, Trump went after President Bush, arguing “I think the Bush era has really hurt us and, you know, the Bush era gave us Obama. Without Bush and without the mistakes that Bush made, we wouldn’t have Obama as President right now.”

Listen to the clip from The Laura Ingraham Show below:

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