Donny Deutsch Blasts Anthony Scaramucci: Like ‘Tire Salesman… Zero Skills’


On a Friday, Morning Joe regular Eddie Glaude casually suggested that President Trump is like Lord Voldemort. And while that might take the cake for blunt analysis on any other given morning — another show regular, Donny Deutsch, wasn’t prepared to let that happen without a fight.

During a discussion of Anthony Scaramucci, soon expected to take up a new job as White House Communications Director, Deutsch was dismissive. Suggesting that the financier and Trump surrogate had “zero skills” for the job and called his work as manager of a fund of funds similar to a “tire salesman.”

“Let me explain what Scaramucci does for a living. He ran of fund of funds,” said Deutsch.

“What’s a fund of funds?” asked Mike Barnicle.

“A fund of funds is somebody who basically raises, takes hedge fund money and kind of distributes it. Basically he is just going out and raising money. He will walk into a pension fund and go, invest $100 million with me. He is basically a salesman, a tire salesman.”

Deutsch then immediately insisted that “I like him” — before the trashing continued.

“He basically has no skill set in communications, which is like Jared Kushner, who has no skill set in negotiating in the Middle East. He has a guy that’s a bright guy, very affable guy. Zero skills.”

Now unlike Glaude — whose remarks about Voldemort were completely out there — Deutsch actually does have a solid point about Trump elevating people with less than stellar qualifications. Leaving Kushner aside, one of his most senior and long-serving communications advisers, Hope Hicks, is only 28 years old.

In defense of Scaramucci, it’s tough being a Trump surrogate on cable news channels not named Fox. The “tire salesman” has consistently acquitted himself well on ferocious territory, with a number of notable performances on CNN’s New Day in particular.

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