Donny Deutsch During Morning Joe Segment: ‘Many of the Women I Sleep With Are Insatiable’


During a conversation with Ariana Huffington Friday morning about the importance of sleep — an issue that the media icon has taken to heart in recent years, going as far as to author a book on the crucial topic of health — MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch derailed the conversation with a bit of a sophomoric admission.

“You’re running on all cylinders” said Huffington on Morning Joe after a good night’s sleep of 7-9 hours. The Sleep Revolution author, who this year left her namesake HuffPo for Thrive Global to further focus on the importance on sleep, was discussing the impact that a good night’s sleep has on positive decision making. She criticized world leaders who gloat about their lack of slumber, noting that some of the most important decisions in U.S. history were made by presidents who gave themselves a break to think with a clear mind.

Despite the seriousness of the conversation, Deutsch, a MSNBC contributor and Friday Morning Joe guest host, said, “Many of the women I sleep with are insatiable and wake me up several times during the evening.”

“Did he just say that?” asked Mika Brzezinski incredulously.

“Because you don’t wanna disappoint!” clarified Deutsch about his sex life. While the panel dealt with the implications of Deutsch’s commentary, Huffington took it in stride like a pro.

“That’s not a problem, because orgasms are our nature’s Ambien,” she immediately quipped. “So I think it’s absolutely fine.”

The rest of the Morning Joe panel beat up on Deutch the way he deserved. MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle said, “The only question ever asked by any women in that situation with Donny Deutsch is ‘How do I get out of this? How do I unlock this door?'”

“Oh my god I can’t even,” Brzezinski concluded at the end of the segment.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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