Duck Dynasty Star: You Can’t Get STDs from ‘Biblically Correct’ Sex

During a sermon delivered in West Monroe, LA, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson warned churchgoers that the “orthodox liberal opinion” was responsible for STDs in America, and the only way to protect oneself from the STDs is to have “biblically correct sex.”

“Biblically correct sex is safe,” Robertson said, according to CNS News. “It’s safe. You’re not going to get chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS — if you, if a man marries a woman, and neither of you have it, and you keep your sex between the two of you, you’re not going to get ever sexually transmitted diseases.”

“The Bible said one man, one woman: that’s what [God] made to begin with,” the reality star added. “For this reason, we have a male and a female. For that reason, those two can come together and be married…They can procreate, fill the Earth with offspring – they need to stay together just like that. You know what those two will never have? They will never have a sexually transmitted disease. You know why? They keep their sex between the two of them. They can’t catch a sexually transmitted disease.”

“Look, God’s way is the safe way. That’s all I’m saying. True or false?” he asked the congregation, after he said that everyone in the congregation had at one point been “sexually immoral.”

“Man meets woman, marries her, keeps his sex right there, the children come, the chances of them getting a sexually transmitted disease, would you say is almost zero? You can say it.”

PSA: It is actually possible to carry an STD without having had sex: they can be transmitted from mother to child via pregnancy, the birthing process, or breastfeeding; through kissing someone; or catching HPV as a man and giving it to your female partner without knowing you have it.

Watch the video below via CNS:

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