El Chapo’s Son Revealed His Escaped Convict Father’s Location on Twitter


The strange tale of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican drug lord who escaped from prison via a motorcycle and an underground tunnel back in July, is about to get a lot stranger now that his son allegedly revealed his whereabouts online.

Alfredo Guzman tweeted a photo with a weird assortment of graphic overlays, a photo of himself and two obscured inviduals, and the words, “Agustooo aqui ya saben con quien apatoroo”:

Roughly translated, the tweet reads: “August here, you already know with whom.” And if you’re discerning enough, then you probably already noticed that the obscured man on the left is sporting a somewhat recognizable mustache.

Okay then, so lil’ Guzman is hanging out with his big, bad ass, recently-escaped-from-prison dad. So what’s the problem? Twitter’s geotagging feature, that’s what. For it appears that El Chapo’s son left his phone’s GPS on, and when he uploaded the photo to Twitter, the social media app tagged his location in Costa Rica.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that El Chapo is or was there with his son. For all we know, he’s not even in the photo, and if he was, then Alfredo could have taken it and uploaded it to Twitter at a later time (and place). Still, it’s winning the Best Belated Fathers’ Day Gift Award by a landslide so far.

Alfredo previously screwed things up for his dad when he use the media hype to create an “El Chapo” Twitter account and threaten Donald Trump. Trump had earlier made reference to the senior Guzman during one of his own Twitter tirades.

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