EMILY’s List Mama Grizzlies Speak Out Against Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin‘s suspiciously presidential “Mama Grizzlies” ad came under fire from her opponents for, among other things, containing no real policy and banking on emotions. But not until now have the actual stars of the ad, the Mama Grizzlies themselves, spoken out. A pack of them agreed to film an ad for the progressive PAC EMILY’s List before hibernation season begins.

Asserting to Palin that “you don’t speak for us,” the grizzlies point out a number of issues the PAC has traditionally championed with which it disagrees with Palin: abortion rights, unemployment benefits, and “the right to hibernate with whoever we choose.”

Cute? Definitely. Effective? Well, depends on how open people are to a literal interpretation of the World According to Palin. Watch the ad below:

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