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Equal Pay? ISIS Is Now Reportedly Recruiting Female Fighters Due to Male Shortage

ISIS is apparently making a broader effort to recruit women to join the caliphate.

As Newsweek reports, the Islamic State had not previously welcomed women to have a combat role, often seeing them as “supporters.” Back in 2008, Islamic State of Iraq stated that women should only commit attacks “in circumstances where men cannot.”

But in a July issue of ISIS’s online magazine Rumiyah, there was an article that stressed “the importance of women’s roles in upcoming times of intense trials and extreme hardships, and times of severe battles.”

Ludovico Carlino, a senior analyst at the defense consultancy IHS Markit, believes this shift in rhetoric is due to ISIS’s lack of literal manpower.

“Despite Islamic State’s claims to the contrary, urging women to seek an active role in combat is most likely an attempt to reduce the impact of severe manpower shortages caused by the decimation of male fighters, and a recruitment crisis,” Carlino said. “This rhetoric marks a stark contrast to previous propaganda that had highlighted women’s primary function as wives and mothers of mujahidin.”

Other terrorists groups are branching out to female fighters as well. The Taliban launched a new magazine, “Sunnat-e-Khaula”  named after woman fighter from the 7th century and it calls for the “women of Islam” to ““come forward and join the ranks of the holy war.”

There has been a spike in female terrorist activity in the Philippines, particularly in the city of Marawi. In recent months, the Philippine military have said they’ve noticed an uptick in ISIS-linked women fighters waging gun battles.


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