Even Heathens Can Appreciate #TMZReportstheBible


Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate with a silly Twitter hashtag.

TMZ is a celebrity news outlet that gets an astounding number of scoops. The Bible is a book that contains stories about the key players in the formation of the Christian faith. Okay? Okay. Here’s what happens when you combine these two well-known and well-read publications:

As you can see, some of them — like references to outed Olympians and rapists getting let off easy — are pretty timely.

The whole thing seems to have come from “The Politweecal Game,” which fires off funny hashtag games for followers to contribute to.

The first wave of these tweets is upon us and will probably last a while, but who knows! There could be a second coming tonight, yet.

[image via Wikimedia Commons user Crimsonedge34]

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