Everything You Need To Know About That Super Bowl Commercial With the Border Wall


During the Super Bowl last night, 84 Lumber aired a commercial that generated a lot of attention, not least of all because it ended on a cliffhanger and encouraged viewers to visit journey84.com to learn the fate of an impoverished mother and her young daughter.

The site crashed within seconds of the commercial’s ending, but many online were already sharing articles that declared the reason the commercial ended so abruptly was that the mother and daughter came upon a wall on the Southern border of the United States in the end, which was considered “too political” by executives at Fox. (Recall, if you’ve somehow forgotten, that the current President of the United States is embroiled in a Twitter war with the President of Mexico over a proposed border wall that someone has to pay for, since it was the premiere campaign promise of said President of the United States.)

It’s true: they did come upon a wall. What isn’t true are the claims that Lumber 84 is all about that sweet, sweet illegal immigration, which is what so many are currently accusing them of.

In fact, if you watch the full commercial above, you’ll see pretty clearly that the mother and child did not immigrate illegally at all. To use Donald Trump‘s own words, they went right through a “big, beautiful door.”

Moreover, to address the person who complained that Lumber 84 could have featured American workers in their ad, they did. Some of the main characters are American contractors who build the big, beautiful door out of wood.

The idea that the ad is anti-Trump, too, is off. Lumber 84’s President, Maggie Hardy Magerko, voted for him.

Here is how the Twitter account for the Pennsylvania-based company shared the commercial:

They even used the word “legal” to describe the journey undertaken by the mother and child.

So, to sum it up, a Trump-supporting business owner wanted to run the full ad with the wall during the Super Bowl, Fox said no, she ran it online, and people are angry that her story shows immigrants entering the United States legally, per Trump’s “big, beautiful door” directive.

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