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Ex-Reporter Claims Jared Fogle Has the Hots for Middle School Girls

shutterstock_239229913Jared Fogle had two jobs while he was the spokesperson for Subway: lose weight, and not look at child pornography. The second one might have only been implied, but not only has Subway distanced itself from Fogle after the FBI raided his house as part of a porn probe, but a former TV journalist says that Fogle once said some unsettling comments to her about underage girls.

The woman declined to give her name, but ABC affiliate WWSB reported that she talked with Fogle several times over a 10-year period when Fogle would give lectures at schools or attend events like the American Heart Association Walk.

“He said something to me when we were off camera and that really stuck with me,” the woman told the station. “I thought to myself, ‘Did he really say that to me?’”

She went on to allege that Fogle once told her “middle-school girls are hot,” and that she eventually contacted the FBI, impressing that “they weren’t jokes. They were very serious.” She did not want to go into greater detail on the additional statements she allegedly heard from Fogle, but said that the agency had her wear a wire and record phone conversations.

Ron Elberger, Fogle’s attorney, reportedly told WWSB over the phone that, “the story is a fabrication that lacks credibility.”

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