FBI Director Chris Wray Goes OFF on the Shutdown: ‘As Angry as I’ve Been in a Long, Long Time’


FBI Director Chris Wray said he hasn’t been this angry in a “long time” — as his agents and workers have now missed two paychecks during the government shutdown.

“We’re now five week and two missed pay checks into this mess and I wanted to touch base with all of you again,” Wray said. “I know tons of you are feeling the anxiety and the emotional strain of this shutdown … It takes a lot to get me angry, but I’m about as angry as I’ve been in a long, long time.”

Wray said he understands FBI agents are public servants who will continue to work without being paid, but also noted they have financial obligations.

“But you’re also people with bills to pay. You’re also moms and dads. You’ve also got rent payments and mortgages, and utilities and car payments and gas and groceries to buy,” he continued. “And you can’t put those worries aside just because you serve the public.”

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