Trump Rails Against Peter Strzok After FBI Agent Removed from Russian Probe Says He’s Willing to Testify to Congress

Fox’s Pirro Goes Off on ‘Impotent’ IG Report: ‘Nothing More Than a Whitewash by the Deep State’

WATCH: Giuliani Says Trump Investigators Should Be in a Psych Ward

Trump Goes Off on FBI ‘Scum’: Comey and His ‘Den of Thieves…Plotted Against My Election’

Trump Tears Into IG Report During Wild Fox & Friends Cameo: ‘A Horror Show’

Fox News’ Outnumbered Clashes Over Impending IG Report: Won’t Have ‘Smoking Gun’ GOP Wants

Devin Nunes Responds to Trey Gowdy Dismissing ‘SpyGate’ and Defending the FBI

WATCH: FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Bar Patron After Losing Gun in Dance-Off Backflip

Rep. DeSantis Fires Back at Gowdy: ‘Deploying Surveillance’ on Trump Not What Americans Want FBI Doing

Trump Starts Twitter Morning Off By (Mis)Quoting Rush Limbaugh on ‘Russians Infiltrating a Campaign’

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: ‘Outlandish and Outrageous’ for Giuliani to Keep Pushing ‘Spy’ Claim

CNN’s Camerota Pummels Matt Schlapp on Unproven ‘SpyGate’ Claim: ‘You’re Not Answering My Question’

CNN’s Smerconish: Trump Ginning Up ‘SpyGate’ So Half the Country Won’t Believe Whatever Mueller Finds

James Comey Tells Conan O’Brien Trump’s ‘SpyGate’ Claim Is Just ‘Made Up’

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Gained Her Top Secret Clearance Weeks Ago

Trump Claims Clapper ‘Admitted’ to ‘Spying’ in Campaign. Here’s What He Actually Said

CNN’s Zeleny: When Trump Says ‘We Now Call It Spygate,’ He Means His Advisers and Fox Newsers

Trump Tries to Market ‘SpyGate’ to Reporters: ‘You’re Calling it SpyGate’

Comey Rips Trump’s ‘Attacks’ on the FBI: ‘How Will Republicans Explain This to Their Grandchildren?’

FBI Greatly Exaggerated Stats on Threat of Encrypted Cell Phones to Congress, WaPo Reveals

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