Feminist Icon Roxane Gay is Completely Obsessed With Her Ankles


Twitter is a strange place.

Some people use it for news, some people for creeping, and some people as a cheaper alternative to therapy.

In that latter camp it seems falls Roxane Gay. The feminist icon, New York Times contributor, and bestselling author appears to have a strange obsession — with her ankles.

Since 2011, Gay has tweeted dozens of times about her ankles. Over the years she has addressed their various states of harmony and distress and random musings which often appears apropos of nothing.

The great majority of the tweets occurred after a fateful moment in October 2014 when Gay broke her ankle.

A complete list of Gay’s ankle coverage is available here.

It’s hardly the first time the feminist author has dipped into unorthodox Twitter usage. Back in January, 2016, Gay tweeted that she had “explained how damaging it is to enforce the gender binary” to a McDonald’s worker who asked whether her Happy Meal was for a boy or a girl. The tweet was later deleted.

Gay, a revered figure in feminist circles, was back in the news last month with her new book Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

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