FLASHBACK: Check Out This Freezing Cold Aug. 2016 Take From Newt Gingrich on Paul Manafort

The strategy from the White House is obvious: distance President Donald Trump and the administration at large as much as possible from former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort — who was indicted Monday on 12 counts including conspiracy against the United States. Minimize his role. Make him seem roughly as important to the Trump operation as the person whose job it was to fetch coffee.

But if the White House is trying to create the image of Manafort as a man who just went along for the ride, comments like this one from one of the administration’s most noted allies won’t help.

It was Aug. 19, 2016. And former House Speaker Newt Gingrich paid a visit to Sean Hannity’s show. Hannity asked Gingrich about Manafort, who had just left the campaign. And Gingrich had nothing but praise.

“I thought Paul did an important job getting through the convention, and getting the campaign more of a national campaign. More of a professional campaign.”

Yikes. Tell us more, Newt.

“Nobody should underestimate how much Paul Manafort did to really help get [the Trump] campaign to where it is right now.”

Least of all, nobody in the West Wing.

Watch above, via Fox News.

[featured image via screengrab]


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