Bill Kristol: Most of Fox News Has Become ‘Ridiculous’

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Political commentator and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol lambasted Fox News in an interview with Mediaite columnist John Ziegler on his podcast, calling the network “ridiculous.”

The interview began with a discussion of the firing of FBI director James Comey, in which Kristol described feelings about President Donald Trump’s rough week amongst Beltway Republicans:

This has really got people in Washington, at least, who have been around awhile, thinking ‘Oh my god.’ He does not understand the kind of fire he’s playing with now.

The two spoke about Trump’s incompetency for the job, before discussing the media response to the news. Ziegler remarked on conservative media arguments accusing Democrats of hypocrisy given their previous criticisms of Comey, and subsequent outrage at Trump’s dismissal of the FBI chief.

“So-called conservatives, especially in the media, have suddenly lost what the definition of what hypocrisy is,” Ziegler said.

“If you’re the president, and you fire Comey, you have to defend firing Comey,” Kristol said.

Ziegler then asked Kristol what he thought of the conservative media: “Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, people like that, lockstep supporting Trump for things for which they would brutalize Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, specifically what happened this week.”

Kristol, formerly a commentator for Fox News, criticized the conservative media for “rationalizing everything” the president does. “It’s ridiculous, honestly, and depressing,” he said.

“I mean Fox, parts of Fox have just gone down a ridiculous path,” Kristol continued.

Kristol mentioned Fox host Tucker Carlson, who he noted is a friend and talented writer once at the Weekly Standard: “to see him on Fox — I don’t really watch him much but still — beating up some 20 year old college liberal because he said something stupid, it’s really ridiculous.”

Kristol complimented Charlie Sykes’ New York Times opinion piece from Sunday, which criticized the Fox News’s anti-anti-Trump tendencies.

“The fact that the left is wrong doesn’t mean Trump is right,” Kristol pointed out.

He also noted that certain Fox shows, like Bret Baier’s Special Report, offer solid news, “but some of the evening shows, of course Tucker and Sean Hannity, have become ridiculous.”

The two went on to discuss the broader state of conservative media and how radio and television shows are driven to hyper-partisanship in search higher ratings.

Listen to the interview above.

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