Fox News Pushed Debunked ‘Antifa Apocalypse’ Conspiracy Theory Multiple Times


The late Andrew Breitbart once said, “Politics is downstream from culture” — similarly, a number of Fox News reports are just downstream from InfoWars’ conspiracy theories.

On September 29, Alex Jones’ website published a story titled, “ANTIFA PLANS ‘CIVIL WAR’ TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT” — in all caps, for maximum fear mongering effect. A little over a month later, Fox News published a story — perfectly parroting the conspiracy theory — titled, “Antifa apocalypse? Anarchist group’s plan to overthrow Trump ‘regime’ starts Saturday.”

Yesterday, Fox & Friends continued promoting the false claim, warning their average white, 70-year-old viewer that “antifa” was plotting to “drive [President Donald Trump] from power using violence.”

The conspiracy was started after the group Refuse Fascism announced a nationwide, non-violent protest set for November 4th. A spokesperson for the organization told BuzzFeed News the “antifa apocalypse” reports by Fox News and others were “completely false.” As Saturday, November 4th has come and gone, the right-wing media claims of a violent government overthrow have been clearly proven to be lies.

Another culprit in this disinformation campaign was the fringe, pro-Trump blog Gateway Pundit — a site whose articles the president and Donald Trump Jr. frequently share — as they, too, ran a story hyping-up the “millions of antifa supersoldiers” planning to “behead all white parents.”

In the Fox & Friends segment, the network played a montage of members of “antifa” engaging in violence at Berkeley University earlier this year. So, while the network did note that Refuse Fascism does not support violence, their constant footage of leftist activists brawling continued the false narrative. Their coverage aired with an absurd chyron that read, “Antifa plans to overthrow president.”

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