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Frum: No Matter What Sarah Palin Says, HCR Repeal Is Impossible

The best part of the GMA clip below may be the subject line of the ABC News alert email which contained it that just landed in my inbox: “Palin: Love or Hate Her, She’s Here to Stay.” She’s here to stay. No kidding. Is ABC playing it’s own version of Hot Tub Time Machine?

Actually, the point of the article appears to be that no matter what ridiculousness Sarah Palin injects into the world, the world continues to eat it up (i.e. that it’s possible to repeal the Health Care bill…it’s not). To the possible detriment of the Republican party (unless, apparently you are John McCain). At least that’s what David Frum (he of last week’s ‘Waterloo’) told George Stephanopoulos this morning.

“I think a lot of Republicans have been a lot more focused on regaining the House and Senate than they were focused on saving the country from the worst consequences of this bill, and you see this now with this talk of repeal,” Frum said on “Good Morning America” today. “Repeal is literally impossible.”

As for Palin’s popularity ratings, Frum thinks it’s “‘it’s not helpful’ to have Palin as the face of the Republican party.”

Nevertheless, she’s here to stay…in case you were suffering any doubts. Video below.

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