Gail Collins On Colbert: The Pill Is Why We Have So Many Female Lawyers

Our favorite book author Gail Collins stopped by to talk to (what felt like a nicely subdued) Stephen Colbert last night about her new book ‘When Everything Changed.’ According to Collins one of the major problems we face today is that “half the workforce is female now, and we still haven’t figured out who’s supposed to take care of the kids.” Collins also recounts the story of the newlywed who arrived at New York traffic court in 1960 to pay her boss’s parking ticket and was thrown out by the judge because she was wearing slacks. Yes that is a true story. For his part Colbert seems especially struck by the fact that in 1960 there were airline flights reserved exclusively for men…the only women on board were the stewardesses, who would bend over to light the passengers complimentary cigars.

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Gail Collins
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