George Conway Rips Apart Trump’s Twitter Attack on Amash: ‘LIE LIE LIE!’


George Conway rips apart Donald Trump's Twitter lies on Justin Amash

Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway ripped apart President Donald Trump’s Twitter attack on Rep. Justin Amash on Sunday.

And it can be summed up as simply “LIE LIE LIE!”

On Saturday, Amash made headlines when he — a Republican — made the case for Trump’s impeachment.

“While impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risk we face in an environment of extreme partisanship is not that Congress will employ it as a remedy too often but rather that Congress will employ it so rarely that it cannot deter misconduct,” Amash wrote.

He continued on: “Our system of checks and balances relies on each branch’s [sic] jealously guarding its powers and upholding its duties under our Constitution. When loyalty to a political party or to an individual trumps loyalty to the Constitution, the Rule of Law — the foundation of liberty — crumbles.”

Trump, not one to simply let things slide, responded by lashing out at the Congressman Sunday morning.

That is when Conway — a regular thorn in POTUS’s side — decided to call Trump out.

“You never stop lying, do you?” Conway wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

Then, he broke Trump’s attack of Amash down, punctuating multiple points simply with the all-caps “LIE.”

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