George Pataki Is Dropping Out of the Race (UPDATED)


patakiIt looks like George Pataki is finally dropping out of the Republican race for the presidency.

Pataki, who was barely a blip in the polls throughout the election season, reportedly reached out to backers to inform them that he plans to formally announce his withdrawal from the race:

And WMUR confirmed with Pataki campaign sources that he’s planning to drop out.

Pataki hasn’t done that much over the course of the campaign, though he did unequivocally state what other Republicans are still refusing to say publicly: he won’t vote for Donald Trump if he’s the GOP nominee.

He also picked a fight with Twitter over Edward Snowden, and during one of the GOP undercard debates, he said it bothers him that the Republican party “question[s] science that everyone accepts.”

UPDATE –– 9:42 pm EST: Pataki made it official with this announcement tonight:

[image via screengrab]

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