Girl in ‘Fake Drunk Girl’ Video Claims She Was Duped, Apologizes to Participants

Last week, the men who participated in a viral video in which they seemingly tried to take advantage of a drunk girl claimed that they’d been misled. And now the actress who portrayed the drunk girl in question also claims she’d been tricked, which locks it all down: this was totally a hoax.

Jennifer Box, an actress hired by a viral marketing firm, went to YouTube to apologize for her role in the video, which portrayed many of its participants as sexual predators and got one man fired from his job.

“I was hired as an actress to portray a drunk girl in what was described to me as a light-hearted prank show,” she says, calling the men whom she was filmed with “perfect gentlemen.”

“Had I known the damaging outcome of this video, I never would have participated,” she added.

The video, which purportedly showed real men trying to coax a drunk girl to come home with them, was the brainchild of two men attempting to launch a viral marketing firm. “The important thing to consider is that this video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company,” co-creator Seth Leach told an angry participant, promising him a night of free drinks in exchange for having his reputation ruined.

Watch her apology below:

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